Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher

Merle, Brindle and Piebald Miniature Pinschers do exist. The Harlequin Pinscher Association is a registry that has shows?

I always come across people saying that there is no such thing as pure bred brindle, merle or piebald Miniature Pinschers. This is not true. It is a…

ASKED BY Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher on 7/17/11
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Kaiser Casey AKA:  K.C.

I'd like to know if my dachshund's pattern is dapple piebald?

I've been wondering is my dog has more than one pattern. He looks like a chocolate and tan dapple, but he has white marking similar to a collie. I…

ASKED BY Kaiser Casey AKA: K.C. on 7/11/09
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