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1-year old Havanese has lost interest in his food. Only likes treats. Do they often get sick of same thing everyday?

We have been using NutriSource lamb. Is there something else we should switch to? Is it common to switch their food from time to time?

ASKED BY Member 1238833 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED foodchoice, nointerest, pickyeater IN Food & Nutrition

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Can't upload picture of my pet on my pet's page?

Every time I try to upload, it says there's a problem reading the file. I have saved the image as a JPEG and as a BMP, but neither one works. Is there…

ASKED BY Member 1237884 3 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED trouble, pictures, upload IN Pet Page


Unable to download my own pictures?

When I try to download my pets pictures in my own account (logged in), I click save as and it is named: owner_permssion_required_for_use. The file is…

ASKED BY Chief on 5/6/14
TAGGED download, pictures IN The Dogster Website

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Just adopted a senior dog (10 or 11 years old approx) who is being picky?

He gets excited when I fiddle with his food bowl and runs over to it when it goes down but then he looks at me as if to say "what the f*** is this…

ASKED BY Member 1220504 on 4/6/14
TAGGED picky IN Food & Nutrition


BOSTON OWNERS HELP!- food/picky eater?

Ok so here's my problem. When I first adopted my dog a year ago he was severely under-weight/dehydrated so my vet suggested I feed him a mixed…

ASKED BY Baxter on 3/29/14
TAGGED picky, eater, wetfood, dryfood, vet, healthyweight IN Food & Nutrition

Duchess 7/21/03-1/14/12 Love U

In light of Dogster closing the community, can someone please advise how to save pics and diary entries?

I would like to save my pics and diary entries once Dogster shuts the community down.

ASKED BY Duchess 7/21/03-1/14/12 Love U on 1/21/14
TAGGED howdoyouhavepicsanddiaryentries IN News & Events


My dog is a picky eater. HELP?

He is just maintaining his weight. Vet says he is perfectly healthy. He's a picky eater and sometimes he'd lose 2-5 pounds if he refuses to eat…

ASKED BY Drago on 10/22/13
TAGGED food, pickyeater, germanshepherd, feedingproblems, underweight IN Other Food & Nutrition

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