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How do I stop my 9 mth Mini Pin terrier x from peeing on my bed?

I rescued a mini pin terrier cross from an RSPCA shelter a couple of months ago. He keeps peeing on my bed I don't let him sleep on the bed he has a…

ASKED BY Member 1133834 on 10/2/12
TAGGED peeingonbed, dominance, minipin IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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For no reason my rat terrier just peed on my bed,we have a new baby coming in a month and bought stuff for the baby?

we bought new stuff for the baby and she smells all the baby stuff and not sure if she is mad and upset or if something is wrong.she is 11yrs old…

ASKED BY Member 1109461 on 5/6/12
TAGGED ratterrier, peeingonbed IN Other Behavior & Training


Why is my 5 months old Matese/bichon frise puupy, Bijou, peeing on my bed??:(?

I have a Maltese/Bichon frise female puppy, Bijou, who's almost 5 months old. I have trained her to do her big business in a litter box and to pee on…

ASKED BY Bijou on 7/28/09
TAGGED puppypeeingonbed, housetrainedpuupypeeingonmybedoutoftheblue, maltichonpuupy IN House Soiling

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How do I stop our dog from peeing on our bed?

We adopted a 5yr male Corgi/Golden Ret. mix 2 months ago, he is short like a Corgi - neutered a few days before we adopted him. He is obedient…

ASKED BY Member 823264 on 4/5/09
TAGGED dog, peeingonbed IN Behavior & Training


Why would my chives pee on my sons bed this AM, never before?

Chives is house trained, basically. He goes to the door when he wants to go out. This morning he goes in my 12 year old son's room, jumps on the bed…

ASKED BY Chives on 2/6/09
TAGGED peeingonbed IN Puppies