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06/06/2015 itch. tried benedryl, baby powder, corn startch,dog itch gel,people itch gel, no food change?

Baths with and without soap,no environmental change,no open wounds,no injuries,eating drinking pee and poop normal,15 years old, 10 pond Papillon…

ASKED BY Member 1247723 on 6/6/15
TAGGED itch, pain, crying, pleasehelpme IN Other Health & Wellness

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Boston terrier having seizures? My Boston has been doing this lately where he raised his head and sticks out his tongue. He gets frozen or stuck…

ASKED BY Member 1247136 on 5/24/15
TAGGED seizure, bostonterrier, boston, tongue, neck, frozen, pain, crying, whining IN Other Health & Wellness

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Sudden joint pain?

Hi! I have a 10-year-old Golden Retriever. Over the past few months, there have been two instances where he appeared to feel a sudden joint pain…

ASKED BY Member 1243805 on 3/16/15
TAGGED pain, joint, joints, limping IN Health & Wellness


My puppy randomly whines and yelps as if she's in pain and lays down and refuses to move?

I adopted my puppy almost two months ago. Since she was from an animal shelter she had to be spayed at 12 weeks, which is too early in my opinion, but…

ASKED BY Mya on 10/7/14
TAGGED whining, yelping, random, pain IN Other Health & Wellness

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What to do when my puppy wails in pain while trying to defecate?

I have a two month old terrier/chihuahua mix. He has already had his first round of booster shots and is fixing to get his second. At the start of…

ASKED BY Member 1233822 on 9/11/14
TAGGED puppy, crying, sick, tapeworms, scooting, defecating, pain IN Worms & Parasites

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Doberman elbow sores help?

My doberman always gets sores on his elbows from the hard floors and playing around. sometimes they bleed and puff up but usually go away the next…

ASKED BY Member 1225465 on 5/7/14
TAGGED doberman, elbow, bleeding, pain, sore IN Skin Problems

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My dog has been limping with his front left paw and is also limping with back right hip i was giving him asprinin?

havent seen a vet yet unable to really afford at the moment the asprin was helping it seemed but he has gotten worse and he is under a year old he…

ASKED BY Member 1224223 on 5/1/14
TAGGED pain, cryingout, limping IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog fell about a month ago suddenly when he tried to sprint and could'nt walk and his front legs were stiff as sticks?

He is 3 years old mixed Labrador, he' small and has white eyes. After the incident he tried to walk but kept falling over and it about 2 days to…

ASKED BY Member 1195926 on 10/24/13
TAGGED legs, stiff, fall, walk, pain, unknownproblem IN Health & Wellness

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