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Is it safe to take a pack to the dog park? I have 3 dogs and would like to take them all together. So far i have been on?

They are all pit bulls of the bully breed. One fixed adult female, one not fixed adult male, one not fixed 10 month old female puppy. They have been…

ASKED BY Member 1247805 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED dogpark, pack IN Socialization

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Getting a purebred Husky in 2 weeks! Any advice?

My husband and I are getting an 8 week old Husky in 2 weeks. This is going to be my first dog of my own. My family had dogs growing up, but this…

ASKED BY Member 1232046 on 8/15/14
TAGGED newpuppy, feeding, fencing, packdog IN Other Puppies

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Deadly fights between 3 yr old German shepherd brothers since their father died. Any solutions?

I used to own 6 pure german shepherds 3 males and 3 females the males were the father and 2 sons and females were the mother and 2 doughters with…

ASKED BY Member 1212185 on 2/20/14
TAGGED deadly, fights, pack, leadership IN Other Behavior & Training


2 bedroom apartment, four dogs. How to keep the peace?

I'm moving into a 2 bedroom apartment and taking in my sisters 2 dogs because she can't "afford" them. I have no problem affording anything they…

ASKED BY Shadow on 10/15/13
TAGGED adoption, family, pack, multidoghome, multidog, lotsofdogs IN Behavior & Training

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Urinating problem please help?

ok so i have 3 indoor dogs a female shih tzu cross Maltese who is 10, a male poodle cross Maltese who is 8 and a female chuchuwa cross Maltese who is…

ASKED BY Member 1139979 on 11/9/12
TAGGED training, carpet, urination, pack IN House Soiling

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3 dog pack, youngest is suddenly attacking the others after living w/them for over a year. Why?

Roxy is a pittbull we've had since she was 1 yr (she's now 4) Kesha is an Akita-huskie mix that we est based on her last owner is somewhere between…

ASKED BY Member 1130755 on 9/14/12
TAGGED pack, fighting, dominance IN Aggression

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Can both my dogs be of the same dominance level?

I have two dogs, one is a red heeler/husky/german shepherd (Tessa) and the other is a husky/german shepherd (Kaylee). I've read that when there is…

ASKED BY Member 1122751 on 7/26/12
TAGGED dominance, alpha, omega, pack, heeler, husky, shepherd IN Behavior & Training

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