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Can I move my dog from what he knows?

I have a 4yr old Golden Doodle. He has lived with me at my parents, with his siblings, for all but three months of this time. Where he lived with me…

ASKED BY Member 1222372 2 days, 20 hours ago
TAGGED adjusting, moving, wellbeing, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training


Loose neighbor dogs?

I have been recently been walking my dog down my street to a park everyday. My neighbor has an unfenced yard. The neighbor stopped me one day to ask…

ASKED BY Chester 4 days, 17 hours ago
TAGGED neighbors, dogs, loose, problem IN Laws & Legislation

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Looking for dogs friendly neighborhood in Marco Island?

Hi, We are moving from Brazil to Marco Island with 3 dogs!!! We also are Looking for dogs friendly neighborhood in Marco Island. Can You help us…

ASKED BY Member 1221316 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED dogsfriendlyneighborhoodtolive IN Other Travel & Recreation


Diet concerns on Earthborn Primitive Naturals?

Duke (17 weeks) constantly cycles from firm to loose stools that look like soft serve ice cream. He was on boiled rice and chicken for almost 4 of the…

ASKED BY Duke 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED diarrhea, puppy, loosestool, earthborn, pumpkin IN Food & Nutrition

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I need help with my pom and how to feed him correctly.he is 6 vet said to feed him a 1/3 cup of kibble AM & PM?

to clarify my situation here, my pom was not eating his kibble he was on when we got him and we had to transition him to a new kibble the vet chose…

ASKED BY Member 1219043 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED feedingmypomcorrectly IN Pet Food


What color is my Pom considered and what color could she become?

Hi all, I recently got a pom and I was hoping someone could tell me what color she is considered to be. I think she's absolutely beautiful and I am…

ASKED BY Kierra 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED color, pomeranian, puppyuglies IN Puppies

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My Havanese has started peeing and pooping in the house after a visit to the groomers. What could be the cause?

I took her to the vet, she's had all tests, all shots and nothing's wrong illness wise. I spayed and potty-trained her as a puppy 4 years ago and…

ASKED BY Member 1216878 on 3/19/14
TAGGED anxiety, behavior, pee, poop, pottytrain, dog, accidents, actingout, groomer, startedpeeinginthehouse, poopinginthehouse, havanese, grooming, shaved IN Behavior & Training

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