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What do I need to know about an English bulldog who has no background info? He is huge 140 pounds and massive?

Me and my family were looking to foster a dog and through a friend of a friend ended up taking in an animal that we have little history on. He is a…

ASKED BY Member 1239413 on 12/21/14
TAGGED help, newdog, rookies, aggression IN Adoption & Rescue

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How to keep dog from climbing on you while swimming?

My dog Rufus, a 1 year old Brittany Spaniel loves to swim, he would be in the pool all day if you let him, he will chase balls, toys, and even just…

ASKED BY Member 1229129 on 6/29/14
TAGGED howtokeepadogfromclimbingonyouwhileswimming IN Behavior & Training

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***PLEASE HELP*** 6.5yr old male chihuahua not housebroken or fixed ... tips? ideas? ANYTHING?

***PLEASE HELP*** 6.5 year old chihuahua adoptee was in cage most of the day except to go out to pee - when he is out of his cage at our house (his…

ASKED BY Member 1222432 on 4/14/14
TAGGED nothousebroken, notfixed, potty, cage, train IN Behavior & Training

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My dog won't eat raw food?

I started the raw food diet with my dachshund and he loved it the first few days but now he won't touch it. I ground the chicken bones with the…

ASKED BY Member 1211532 on 2/7/14
TAGGED food, raw, gound, bones, cooked IN Homemade Food

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Why is my dog's drool drying yellow?

My dog recently got into some red ants. I got them off of him pretty quickly but I'm pretty sure he got bit on his paws because he won't stop licking…

ASKED BY Member 1188636 on 9/5/13
TAGGED whydoesmydogsdroollookyellow IN Other Health & Wellness

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Will it hurt my Maltese if I walk it with a choke chain instead of normal cloth leash?

Hi, I'm a newbie. The question is, my Maltese, Fluffur, is barely under control when every time we walk her. She bark at every single thing that…

ASKED BY Member 1167591 on 4/28/13
TAGGED chokechain IN Behavior & Training

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Would you have a place for my 7 year old dog? She is a wonderful dog, spayed, current on all shots, housebroken & quiet?

loves rides in the car, but stays quiet during the day. She will bark if someone comes to the door, but oits ok with her if they come inside.She is…

ASKED BY Member 1158728 on 3/10/13
TAGGED gracie, quiet, insidedog, housebroken, scaredofthunder IN Adoption & Rescue

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