Lily Anne Grace

I don't have a yard and am wondering if I could use a long line leash to let my dogs play outside?

I live an apartment with 3 small dogs and have access to a courtyard but it's not completely fenced and is next to a busy road. My dogs love to play…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 10/24/13
TAGGED longline, offleash, play, outside, dogs IN Exercise

Darwin, CGC

How young is too young for an off-leash dog park?

My mommy says I need more socialization so I am not so afraid of new people and noises. She wants to take me to a dog park that has an off-leash…

ASKED BY Darwin, CGC on 5/4/10
TAGGED play, parks, offleash, vaccines IN Exercise & Play


How should I train my dog to stay in the front yard without a leash on?

My 1 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Brutus, is in training of staying off leash in the front yard. Yeah I know, I know it is unsafe, but…

ASKED BY Brutus on 3/31/10
TAGGED offleash, wheaten, chasing IN Methods of Training


How do you train a dog to stay off leash?

We have a 2 Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Buckeye and Brutus. Buckeye is 3 and Brutus is 8 months old. Buckeye will stay in the front yard, off leash…

ASKED BY Brutus on 7/19/09
TAGGED offleash, training, puppy IN Behavior & Training


Dog Park Benefits?

I am asking this questions again as I need feed back from those that have helped develope an off leash dog park. I have a proposal for an off leash…

ASKED BY Buddy on 2/15/09
TAGGED dogpark, community, offleash, friends, exercise, laws, benefits, safe IN Exercise

Guest Member Since

How do I keep my 14 lb dog safe on off-leash hikes when we come across a group of about ten large dogs off-leash?

A local professional dog walker takes 10 large dogs at a time on a local trail near my home where I hike with my little chi-minpin. When we run…

ASKED BY Member 773802 on 11/28/08
TAGGED offleashhiking IN Aggression

Guest Member Since

An off leash dog attacks my dog..... who is at fault?

I walk my 2 dogs all the time on a leash (one is 60lbs, the other 12lbs). The big dog will bark at other dogs when they're off leash. Today she was…

ASKED BY Member 703227 on 8/13/08
TAGGED offleashdogattacksonleashdog, whoisatfault IN Other Laws & Legislation

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