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Dog was sprayed by a skunk?

My dog was sprayed by a skunk 2 weeks ago. We immediately bathed him, and have since given him 5 baths. We've tried everything. Hydrogen peroxide…

ASKED BY Member 1212085 on 2/19/14
TAGGED skunk, bath, odor, spray IN Bathing

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My 13 yr old Shih Tsu has eaten dirt, has had diarrhea and now swollen anus and an odor.Do I take him to a vet?

Just moved into house with no backyard landscaping. My dog comes in the house with dirt all over his mouth. I think he is digesting the dirt. He is 13…

ASKED BY Member 1146430 on 12/24/12
TAGGED diarrhea, odor, eatingdirt, swollenanus IN Illness & Disease

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My shi tzu dog is getting weak, fragile, and thin. We took her to the vet a while ago and they think she has a yeast inf?

HER PROBLEMS: skin flaking Weakness Thinning so bad you can feel her ribs Refuses to eat her lamb dog food.

ASKED BY Member 1109205 on 5/4/12
TAGGED yeastinfection, skinflaking, shitzu, odor IN Illness & Disease

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Why does my dog smell after a walk?

I have a 2 year old shih-tzu/bichon frise mix which most people would consider to be a low to no shedding, low allergen dog. I bathe her usually every…

ASKED BY Member 1103511 on 4/1/12
TAGGED smell, odor, walk, hypoallergenic, lowshedding, shihtzu, bichon IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Hello my fellow Dogster friends, does anyone have any 100% solutions to not have your homes smelling like a dog lives th?

Hello, my fellow Dogsters friends, I have a puppy, of course...and I'm concern about odor. I get a little self-conscious wondering it. Because…

ASKED BY Member 1079495 on 12/27/11
TAGGED clean, fresh, odor, smell, puppy, dog, concerned, solutions IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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The fur on my dog's hips is WET all the time,and it's not urine. What could this be?

She is a big lab, and leaves spots wherever she lays. The carpet is soaked when she gets up--where her hips have been. I've watched her to see if…

ASKED BY Member 1015207 on 12/10/10
TAGGED wettail, health, hips, nonurine, odorless IN Answers

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