Chuckie and Uno

Why won't my second dog play with humans? He's an odd combo of timid and protective. Need some advice?

Hello there! I'm hoping you can help me with concerning behavior with my second dog, Uno. We already had a puppy that is a few months older that…

ASKED BY Chuckie and Uno on 10/9/13
TAGGED oddbehavior IN Behavior & Training

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My dog drools excessively in his crate. He was fine in crate until he had diarrhea in it and now is a spaz. WHY?

My dog is 10 months old adopted recently from a shelter. He was doing great in his crate until he had a horrible bout of diarrhea in the crate one…

ASKED BY Member 1069786 on 11/10/11
TAGGED drooling, oddbehavior IN Fears & Phobias

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Please Help. Why is my dog acting strange?

She's a 3 year old beagle/sharpei 2 feet high. Noticable change in behavior- When we comes back from a walk, she runs to my parents room and…

ASKED BY Member 928216 on 12/7/09
TAGGED beaglesharpeidogisscarednervousactingweirdorfunnyoddbehaviors IN Other Health & Wellness

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My Dog thinks he is peeing but was actually pooping. Could this be a medical problem?

Today on our morning walk my dog lifted his leg like he was about to pee but instead had a poo and did not drop his leg until he was done. He is…

ASKED BY Member 918109 on 11/15/09
TAGGED oddbehavior, pooping, concern IN Health & Wellness

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I have a 2 1/2 year old Bulldog that exhibits bizarre behavior. She will "snap" at the air ?

She will lift her head up and snap at the air, like she is trying to catch a fly. (No bugs or anything else is there.) This does not happen every day…

ASKED BY Member 656860 on 1/15/09
TAGGED oddbehavior IN Other Behavior & Training

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How can I get my 3-year-old golden reteiver/St. Bernard mix to overcome her fear of our new laminate floor?

She refuses to walk on the floor under any circumstance. Tried coaxing w/ treats. Tried carrying her to middle of floor and comforting her. No luck…

ASKED BY Member 790480 on 1/11/09
TAGGED oddbehaviors IN Behavior & Training

Bruno  ***at the bridge***

Is this normal behavior after a dog has been neutered?

5 yr old german shepherd - not a routine neuter as one testicle was not descended - scotum is swollen today and he is acting a little neurotic - walks…

ASKED BY Bruno ***at the bridge*** on 10/29/08
TAGGED neuterproblems, scrotumswollen, oddbehavior IN Health & Wellness

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My dog sometimes lies with his head off the ground a few inches, stares unfocused for minutes at a time. Is this normal?

Golden Ret., 2.25 yrs old, 68 lbs, intact. Is minimally responsive (i.e, have to repeat his name multiple times) and panting, sometimes lightly…

ASKED BY Member 751266 on 10/11/08
TAGGED panting, oddbehavior, seizure, illness, surgery, recovery IN Health & Wellness

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