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Dog agitated and always looking for food and with a bad cough?

Hi, so: the dog I'm living with (named Audrey, not of race and about 7/8 years old, taken from a kennel three years ago) is always looking for food…

ASKED BY Member 1233319 on 9/2/14
TAGGED fooddrycoughhealth IN Health & Wellness

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Curious about my dogs odd behavior with her food/food bowl, any ideas or guesses? (See details)?

So, my 2 year old mutt has been exhibiting some odd behavior. She has been doing it for some time now and I am just getting curious as to…

ASKED BY Member 1212829 on 2/24/14
TAGGED odd, behavior, food, foodbowl IN Behavior & Training

Chuckie and Uno

Why won't my second dog play with humans? He's an odd combo of timid and protective. Need some advice?

Hello there! I'm hoping you can help me with concerning behavior with my second dog, Uno. We already had a puppy that is a few months older that…

ASKED BY Chuckie and Uno on 10/9/13
TAGGED oddbehavior IN Behavior & Training

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What is a yashi? Or is this a shorten form of some breed?

Saw sign in vet's office advertizing free poodle/yashi mix. What kind of dispositon would this breed (or mix breed) of dog have. How large or small…

ASKED BY Member 1154764 on 2/11/13
TAGGED poodlemix, poddleyashimix, poodlecross IN Cross Breeds

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My dog has unexpected behavior with my 2 year old daughter. I need help?

My dog is 2 years old. I got her when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. She has been great with her up until a month or so ago. She has…

ASKED BY Member 1151521 on 1/23/13
TAGGED behavior, toddlers, urine, growling IN Behavior & Training

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My dog has started going into rooms and lays down by herself away from us. Why?

ASKED BY Member 1140580 on 11/14/12
TAGGED laying, weirdbehavior, odd, loneliness IN The Dogster Website

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I recently discovered black "dots", very small, round in size, close to the skin on my 14 year old siberian husky?

I initially thought it was dirt & bathed him which did wash away the "dots". However, I noticed it had returned this evening. I have 2 other huskies…

ASKED BY Member 1136334 on 10/17/12
TAGGED health, skin, odd IN Health & Wellness

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Should we adopt a second dog even though we adopted the first only four months ago and we're still working on training?

We would hold off on adopting a second dog until our first (now seven months old) was fully trained, but we fell in love with his foster mate (a…

ASKED BY Member 1122677 on 7/26/12
TAGGED two, dogs, adopting, rescue, kids, toddler, training IN Adoption & Rescue

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