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Rescue dog won't stop chewing?

We recently adopted a year and half-two year old lab/basset hound who obsessively chews anything he can get his mouth on constantly. He doesn't…

ASKED BY Member 1242917 on 2/24/15
TAGGED chewing, obsessive, rescue IN Chewing

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My dog loves the beach and water, so much so that she won't leave the beach! Help please?

My dog loves the beach and water, so much so that she won't leave the beach! She will not come as long as there are other people and dogs on the…

ASKED BY Member 1232740 on 8/24/14
TAGGED beach, water, obsessive, recall IN Other Behavior & Training

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Help is my dog pregnate?

I adopted and dog from horrible living conditions in late October . I took her to the vet and soon after realized she was in heat. I didn't let her…

ASKED BY Member 1149138 on 1/9/13
TAGGED obsessive, lactating, possessive, angry, help IN Pregnancy

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10 month old pug obsessively smelling and licking 10 week old female beagle?

We got our beagle 2 weeks ago and our pug has been smelling her butt and licking her vagina literally nonstop ever since. She runs around the house on…

ASKED BY Member 1088205 on 1/29/12
TAGGED obsessivelicking, excessivesmelling IN Behavior & Training

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I have a Drinking problem. My father is in AA, but I was adopted so It is not hereditary. Please no 12 steps answers?

My name is Wilson, my Biological Mother is a Mini-Schnauzer & Bio-Father was a Yorkie. I am a 6.5 Year old male. Despite being a little over weight…

ASKED BY Member 986888 on 5/13/10
TAGGED obsessivedrinking, water, diabetes, minischnauzer, urination, polydipsia, vomiting IN Other Health & Wellness

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My friend has a 9 yo male doberman who constantly licks his left front paw, creating a sore. How can she make him stop?

She has tried alot of things ie: bitter apple, wrapping the paw, cayenne pepper, duct tape over a sock, etc. but the dog keeps licking.

ASKED BY Member 692446 on 4/10/09
TAGGED lickingpaw, sorepaw, doberman, obsessivelicking IN Skin Problems


My papillon licks his private area too much and he licks the sheets for some unknown reason?

Sometimes he licks and I can hear him swallow. I have an appointment next week w/ our vet.

ASKED BY Jace on 10/8/08
TAGGED grooming, licking, obsessivebehavior IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 3 year old is obsessive over toys to an extent that she tried to fight a dog over a plastic bottle.what can i do .it?

my dog is a 3 year old cocker called suzy.she is obsessed with toys and is very reluctant to share with other dogs.whilst out the other evening with 5…

ASKED BY Member 732798 on 9/10/08
TAGGED obsessiveovertoysetc IN Behavior & Training

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