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Is there something wrong with my pug? Please help?

My 3 year old pug is acting extremely strange. This morning at about 5 am she was running around under beds and humping floor lamps waking everyone in…

ASKED BY Member 1206034 on 12/26/13
TAGGED bad, behavior, pug, run, notsleeping, crazy, help, urgent IN Illness & Disease

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7 year old toy poodle will no longer sleep through the night in her crate. Why?

I've got a 7 year old toy poodle, and she hasn't been sleeping through the night for a few months now. She wakes up at about 3am and then refuses to…

ASKED BY Member 1156634 on 2/23/13
TAGGED whining, notsleeping, crate, bed, heart, problems, failure IN Other Behavior & Training