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Journalist seeking stories of dogs exposed to rat poison?

Hello, I'm a freelance journalist working on an article about the risks of using rat poison, and I'm looking for stories about dogs who have eaten rat…

ASKED BY Member 1246345 on 5/8/15
TAGGED poison, rodenticide, ratpoison, bromethalin, brodifacoum, difethialone, diphacinone, dcon, mousepoison, bromadialone, bait, chlorophacinone, rodentcontrol, pestcontrol IN Other Health & Wellness

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Training a Spinone to be on its own once or twice a week?

Hello. My wife and I are thinking of getting a Spinone. We both grew up with active dogs (a springer spaniel and a collie), so we're not worried about…

ASKED BY Member 1242294 on 2/12/15
TAGGED spinone, company, separation IN Behavior & Training

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I need to know what kind of dog I have.. The rescue I got him from insists that he is pekingese poodle mix.. But i have?

I want to know what kind of puppy I adopted but how can I post a oic of him

ASKED BY Member 1242204 on 2/10/15
TAGGED none IN Mixed Breeds

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Hi my 7 month german shephard killed a rat yesterday is there any diseases he can get?

also my 2 year old german shephard who is in pup was out side and had the rat in her mouth aswell, they havnt had there shots and vet said bring…

ASKED BY Member 1138083 on 10/28/12
TAGGED none IN Illness & Disease

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What do you when your dog ont eat his dog food?

hes eats like table food but no dog food and i feel bad so igive ia nd give him dog fod hes a sharpae.

ASKED BY Member 831600 on 4/29/09
TAGGED none IN Pet Food

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