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Little 1 year old Maltese girl nipping at visitors' ankles and barking at any visitors! Need help please?

My dog is a year old now, she's a 4 lb. Maltese girl. Every time someone walks in my house (someone who doesn't live there) she barks along with my…

ASKED BY Member 1248729 on 6/29/15
TAGGED anklenipping, maltese, smalldog, biting, nipping, barking, methods IN Methods of Training

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Mounting & Nipping Behaviors?

My 4 year old male bagle hound, Gizmo, is suddenly exhibiting mounting behaviors of our other dog, a 10 year old female cocker spaniel we brought into…

ASKED BY Member 1245727 on 4/25/15
TAGGED nipping, toddler, humping, stress IN Behavior & Training

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Several Questions?

I have a 10 month old bluetick coonhound. He is crate trained. We are having problems with nipping when playing with him. We have tried the yelping…

ASKED BY Member 1243780 on 3/15/15
TAGGED nipping, chewing, training IN Behavior & Training

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1-year old Havanese gets very excited when visitors come over - charges at them, jumps, and nips. What can we do?

We have been trying to distract him with treats and commanding him to sit but it doesn't seem to be all that successful. Is there something else we…

ASKED BY Member 1238833 on 12/10/14
TAGGED jumping, nipping, visitors, excitable, puppy IN Jumping Up

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Is my pug pregnant?

She has been in heat for about 3 weeks now and on the last week we let a friend watch her. The friend has dogs that she "said" are fixed and my dog…

ASKED BY Member 1231528 on 8/10/14
TAGGED pug, pregnant, heat, heatcycle, nipples, vulva, enlarged IN Pregnancy

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Australian shepherd training advice?

Hi there! We recently got ourselves a beautiful 11 week old Aussie. She has an amazing disposition and definitely has the potential to be a great…

ASKED BY Member 1224529 on 5/2/14
TAGGED australianshepherd, jumping, biting, nipping, cratetraining, pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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Brought a month old lab home and 5month boerboel won't stop nipping at him. How do I control this?

We brought in the lab because we felt the boerboel was lonely all by herself. She's hyper most of the time though. The lab is just as hyper but tends…

ASKED BY Member 1213681 on 3/1/14
TAGGED lab, labrador, boerboel, puppy, nipping, disagreement IN Behavior & Training

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