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Is my pug pregnant?

She has been in heat for about 3 weeks now and on the last week we let a friend watch her. The friend has dogs that she "said" are fixed and my dog…

ASKED BY Member 1231528 on 8/10/14
TAGGED pug, pregnant, heat, heatcycle, nipples, vulva, enlarged IN Pregnancy

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Australian shepherd training advice?

Hi there! We recently got ourselves a beautiful 11 week old Aussie. She has an amazing disposition and definitely has the potential to be a great…

ASKED BY Member 1224529 on 5/2/14
TAGGED australianshepherd, jumping, biting, nipping, cratetraining, pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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Brought a month old lab home and 5month boerboel won't stop nipping at him. How do I control this?

We brought in the lab because we felt the boerboel was lonely all by herself. She's hyper most of the time though. The lab is just as hyper but tends…

ASKED BY Member 1213681 on 3/1/14
TAGGED lab, labrador, boerboel, puppy, nipping, disagreement IN Behavior & Training

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Best way to keep dog from going crazy during renovation?

My husband and I are renovating the house and have noticed that our dog (3yr old German Shepard) has started behaving badly. He barks at everything…

ASKED BY Member 1209671 on 1/15/14
TAGGED aggression, nipping, behaviorchange IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 5 month old American Bulldog Puppy to calm down around my 1 year old son and family children? She jumps?

My five month old american bulldog is brutally hyper with guests - and worst of all brutally hyper with my 1 year old son. I feel I have to keep…

ASKED BY Member 1205966 on 12/26/13
TAGGED hyper, puppy, children, jump, lick, nip, energetic, reactive IN Puppies

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Why does my dog attack my husband and I if we are affectionate?

We have just adopted a two year old chihuahua mix last week and she's great, but very head strong. She's our only dog. She doesn't know any…

ASKED BY Member 1193732 on 10/9/13
TAGGED aggression, nipping, barking, jumping, affection, jealous IN Aggression

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