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My 1 1/2 yr old dog has started barking when put in his crate at night time?

hi, my dog is 1 1/2 and recently has started barking when put in his crate at nite time, i have tried lots of different things, he has my dressing…

ASKED BY Member 1177771 on 6/30/13
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Hi,just signed up and looking for information on masking / soothing itchy was caused by food or environmental allergies?

Diva, my Chesapeake has 10 food allergies and 27 environmental allergies of which we will begin shots to treat them soon but in the meantime what…

ASKED BY Diva on 12/4/12
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I just adopted a 7 month old chocolate pom last week. He was sleeping in his crate before but now he barks and whines?

All night! It's driving me insane! I tried playing music for him, misting him with a water bottle and nothing helps. I'm exhausted and tired and my…

ASKED BY Member 982927 on 4/22/10
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My puppy whines all night. He isn't in a crate but a fenced off area. He's 9 weeks old, is this normal?

I live in an apartment so I have to make him stop. After the whining, he elevates to howling (odd enough). He also does it in the day time when he's…

ASKED BY Member 644575 on 6/19/08
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