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Why does my dog always sit or stand at my feet?

ASKED BY Member 1249042 3 weeks, 2 days ago
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My dog its 2Month but i need somthing to grow his Fur-skin without that he looks ugly?

My dog its a Border collie mix, all dogs of this type have like 20-25cm fur and mine its under 5cm i know maybe his fur will never grow up but without…

ASKED BY Member 1248111 on 6/15/15
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Okay, so I have a dog at home and his name is Shilo. Me and Shilo have been best buds for over 5 years now, yes, DA FIVE?

He has always been with meeeeeeeeeeeee. ALWAYS. D:

ASKED BY Member 1237592 on 11/17/14
TAGGED help, me, i, want, my, dog, love, backthanks, behaviorproblems IN Behavior & Training

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I want my dog to have puppies?

my dog is a maltipoo she is 2 years about to turn 3 but on july 10th she had her period at what time is she fertile to have puppies her private part…

ASKED BY Member 1225289 on 7/11/14
TAGGED whencanmydogcanbefertile IN Pregnancy

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I need help with my pom and how to feed him correctly.he is 6 vet said to feed him a 1/3 cup of kibble AM & PM?

to clarify my situation here, my pom was not eating his kibble he was on when we got him and we had to transition him to a new kibble the vet chose…

ASKED BY Member 1219043 on 3/29/14
TAGGED feedingmypomcorrectly IN Pet Food

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My 5 yr old dog has never chewed up shoes until today 2 pair almost almost a whole shoe?

Chewed up shoes threw them up. I was sick 4 days then hospitalized ambulance and all 5 days, home in bed the last 5 days. Max my dog has been w me the…

ASKED BY Member 1217526 on 3/22/14
TAGGED mydogneedshelp IN Chewing

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