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My girlfriends Alaskan Malamute loved me all of sudden, very wary & growling etc. any help?

He's nearly 2 years old, took a while to get used to me but then seemed to love me. Wouldnt leave me alone always wanted to play give me his paw…

ASKED BY Member 1239038 5 days, 1 hour ago
TAGGED alaskanmalamute, attitude, aggression, scared, fear, worry, trust IN Behavior & Training

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I have a few questions about my malamute/husky mix?

3 years ago I adopted a 3 mo. old "malamute mix" (what the shelter classified him as), and he had already been neutered and microchipped. He…

ASKED BY Member 1229170 on 7/1/14
TAGGED medical, malamute IN Skin Problems

Samuel Adams

What is my mutts mix?

We adopted him around 4 years ago and believe he is a golden mix, any ideas on what he could be mixed with? He's on the larger side, no spots on his…

ASKED BY Samuel Adams on 5/25/14
TAGGED golden, mutt, goldenmix IN Breeds


Any idea what breed my Doodle could be?

Shiba inu mix? German Shepherd mix? 16kg, 2 years old, rarely barks and has more of a 'speaking' bark, quite 'cat-like' in her mannerisms. Mid…

ASKED BY Doodle on 4/19/14
TAGGED breed, mixedbreed, mutt, mongrel IN Breeds

Sammy Tofu

Can you please help me figure out what breed my dog is?

I've had my dog Sammy for 6 years now, receiving her from a friend of a friend who could not take care of her. She is 6 years old and ~40 pounds…

ASKED BY Sammy Tofu on 3/16/14
TAGGED mutt, breed, mixedbreed IN Mixed Breeds


What breed is mixed with my Catahoula?

Alright everyone! What is your input? Louie here was a shelter rescue. They believe him to be a Catahoula leopard dog mix, but they are unsure what he…

ASKED BY Louie on 2/26/14
TAGGED catahoulaleoparddog, breed, rescue, mutt, mix IN Breeds C-F


Best guesses on my mix?

I've always told people Australian Shepherd mix, but I've received all kinds of guesses from Saint Bernard mix to Bernese or Border Collie! She's…

ASKED BY Darby on 1/17/14
TAGGED mix, breeds, mutt IN Breeds

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