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What can I do to discourage my puppy from being so active in the house while he is recovering from leg injury?

My puppy, of almost a year old, hurt his hind leg, playing fetch and slipping. The vet prescribed him NSAID and rest - No jumping around or walking…

ASKED BY Member 1230938 on 3/30/15
TAGGED injury, hyper, discourage, movement, acl, excercise, rest IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Is my dog sick? (Excessive shedding and irregular bowel movements)?

My dog is a two year old shepherd/husky mix (so obviously I am used to a ton of shedding). He is feed a fish based diet through Blue Buffalo and is…

ASKED BY Member 1197809 on 11/5/13
TAGGED excessiveshedding, frequentbowelmovements IN Health & Wellness

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For the last two nights our dog has been waking us up 5-6 times to go outside. He is usually pooping?

This is not normal for him. BM's have been loose but not diarrhea. Any suggestions as to what could be going on?

ASKED BY Member 1136202 on 10/17/12
TAGGED bowelmovements, frequentpooping IN Answers

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Dog sick problems help needed ASAP?

Ok so today my dog apparently (I wasn't home at the time) was acting all normally and walking around with my parents outside, but when she went inside…

ASKED BY Member 1124219 on 8/5/12
TAGGED dog, sick, pooponfloor, crying, nomovement IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a britany that on two different occasions has had a spell where he flipped and rolled like a fish out of water?

The first time he did this was 2 months ago and I laid on him till he quit moving. when he tried to walk after he had no muscle strength on one side…

ASKED BY Member 1084453 on 1/14/12
TAGGED dog, musclelose, rollingmovement IN Other Health & Wellness

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Beagle wont "do her business"?

We found an abandoned beagle, have been trying to locate owner but no luck. She seems comfortable with us but when we walk her she just sniffs…

ASKED BY Member 1055861 on 9/14/11
TAGGED walking, bathroom, movements IN Other Health & Wellness


What do I do for a dog making weird movements and noises?

My Toy Poodle, Jet, has recently (last night) been making high squeaky sounds for only a moment at a time, a few times every few minutes. Just a…

ASKED BY Jet on 12/31/09
TAGGED strange, sudden, movements IN Other Health & Wellness

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