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My 18 month old mini-Aussie is aggressive towards some puppies. Any advise on how to discourage this?

My mini Aussie plays very well with most dogs off leash. Every once and a while he will meet a puppy ( any dog under a year I would say) and attack…

ASKED BY Member 1149950 on 1/14/13
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Help! My mini Aussie puppy is so obsessed with eating the snow she is too distracted to go to the bathroom when outside?

We have tried putting her on a leash and not letting her run around the yard but she just walks around in circles eating and licking the snow. She has…

ASKED BY Member 1144481 on 12/9/12
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Effects of lymes disease?

Ever since Issey was diagnosed with Lymes disease, she has not been the friendly mini Aussie we bought. She is still an angel to humans, but we have…

ASKED BY Issey on 7/2/09
TAGGED lymes, disease, touchy, growl, snap, miniaussie, moody IN Health & Wellness