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My dog is scared and having panic attacks when the turtle sneezes?

I am having issues with my dog and his anxity. We have a pet turtle and when the turtle sneezes he goes crazy. If the turtke blows bu nles he…

ASKED BY Member 1247656 on 6/5/15
TAGGED dog, panicattacks, anxity, medications, behavior, help IN Behavior & Training

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My 9 Year-Old Miniature Poodle with Addison's Disease Is Now Having Additional Problems?

I have a miniature poodle that is 9 years old. She was having problems a few years ago, and after many vet visits, she was finally diagnosed with…

ASKED BY Member 1235839 on 10/17/14
TAGGED diabetes, addisons, dislocatedhip, cataracts, medication, poodle, minature, weightloss, blind IN Health & Wellness

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My puppy has thrown up multiple times since I applied flea and tick medication. is there anything I can do other than ta?

She is only 3 months old. The vomiting started about 11 hours after the medication was applied.

ASKED BY Member 1230459 on 7/27/14
TAGGED medication, vomiting IN Health & Safety


Hotspots, itchy skin, allergies, high ALT, and no answers for six years. Liver?

Answer not question. Zackary on Rimadyl because of arthritis at an early age which I thought was weird but the veterinarian said so,I had no issues…

ASKED BY Zack on 6/3/14
TAGGED arthritis, emergencies, hotspots, skinproblems, medications, alt, parasites IN Allergies

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Help! Puppy is continuously crying 24 hours after anal glands expressed by vet, what do I do?

My puppy(3.5 months) went to the vet yesterday because she was constantly barking at her butt & even crying. They told me it was an impacted anal…

ASKED BY Member 1227420 on 5/22/14
TAGGED urgent, help, puppy, crying, analgland, shihtzu, expressed, medication IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Sudden uncontrollable peeing and just acting strange.. help?

My English Bulldog has suddenly started peeing inside the house and uncontrollably in the hallway and elevator as I take him outside. He was breathing…

ASKED BY Member 1225197 on 5/6/14
TAGGED peeing, urine, sick, bulldog, englishbulldog, medication, sideeffects IN Illness & Disease

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Severe diarrhea due to medication?

My Samantha is experiencing severe chronic diarrhea due to her medication. The medication is helping her to breath as she is passing from lung cancer…

ASKED BY Member 1110659 on 4/26/13
TAGGED diarrhea, medication, cancer IN Health & Wellness

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Flea medicine application when you have two dogs?

I have two dogs. I am afraid to use the topical flea rx for fear one dog will lick it off of the other. Any suggestions as to how I can apply it?

ASKED BY Member 1156662 on 2/23/13
TAGGED fleamedication, applyingfleamedication IN Health & Wellness

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