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Bone stuck in puppy's rectum. Feeling discouraged. What did I do wrong?

We have a 32lb 3 month old Shiloh Shepherd who eats 3 times a day. We started with a high quality, grain free kibble plus the odd bit of chicken…

ASKED BY Member 1236526 on 10/30/14
TAGGED bones, stuck, rmb, rawmeatybones IN Raw Food

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My dog is an old pedigree and he ate spoiled raw beef what do i do?

my mom left grounded beef out too long and it spoiled so i threw it out after that my very old dog pushed the trash can over and ate all the meat…

ASKED BY Member 1126982 on 8/22/12
TAGGED old, spoiled, meat, pedigree IN Illness & Disease

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My dog might be eating way too much meat?

My mom sometimes gives my dog a half a bowl of old pork or a full chicken leg. I tell her not to give him it but she says she doesn't want to…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED too, much, fat, treats, treat, family, mom, mother, dog, puppy, meat, chicken, beef, ham, training IN Food & Nutrition


I just recently started my dog on a raw food diet and noticed she has a dark eye discharge all of sudden.…

My dog has suffered from demodectic mange all her life. She is now 1 1/2 and I am still trying to cure her skin. I have started her on a raw food…

ASKED BY Daisy on 5/21/12
TAGGED rawfood, rawmeat, skincondition, mange IN Food & Nutrition


My DOB is now 5 month old, I was giving him Royal Canine german shepherd special. Its costs more and he don't like kibbl?

My German Shepherd male puppy is 5 month old. He don't like to eat kibble, I am feeding him kibble from last 2 month. I'm obeying routin (9 AM, 4…

ASKED BY Dob on 3/25/12
TAGGED meat, kibble, gsd, germanshepherd IN Raw Food

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Elderly daschund ate raw, rotten meat and now he's shaking and throwing up.…

I'm slightly freaking out. We noticed that our miniature daschund, Buddy, who is 11 years old and pretty much fat was shaking and bloated. It only…

ASKED BY Member 1087207 on 1/25/12
TAGGED raw, rotten, meat, vomit, shaking, shivering IN Health & Wellness

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My dog is difficult to feed. He likes one type of food sometimes. He will not eat any dried biscuits only lamb's meat?

My dog will only eat lamb's meat no chicken necks or wings. He will eat My Dog sometimes but no vegetables at all. When he stays at my daughter's…

ASKED BY Member 1066317 on 10/25/11
TAGGED foodchickenlambsmeatdryfoodvegetables IN Pet Food

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What do I do if my small dog (shitzu) ate a pound of deli ham meat in one sitting?

ASKED BY Member 1057627 on 9/20/11
TAGGED shitzu, delimeat, eating IN Emergencies & First Aid

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