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How do I train my two dogs to stop ganging up on other dogs as well as not to play so rough?

So I have two dogs. They are sisters from the same litter and have always been very gentle dogs. Well about the time they hit a year (about 2 months…

ASKED BY Member 1240873 on 1/16/15
TAGGED dogs, littermates, roughplay, chasing, training IN Behavior & Training

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Is black cohoch a safe and efficient method for herbal induced abortion for my dog?

I have a 9 month old pup in her 1st heat who mated with her father! We have 2 concerns: Deformities from inbreeding,and her size and age. Shes still…

ASKED BY Member 1197595 on 11/4/13
TAGGED mate, accidentalmate, puppy, pregnant, youngpregnancy, abortion, herbalabortion, inbreed, heat, heatcycle, safe, dangerous IN Pregnancy

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Is it OK for a pup to leave it's mother at 6 weeks if he has no litter mates?

We are getting a new puppy and the 'breeder' said the puppy can leave it's mother at 6 weeks old. We wanted to wait until he was 8 weeks old but he…

ASKED BY Member 1165977 on 4/19/13
TAGGED age, litter, mates, six IN Other Puppies


Should I add to the family of puppies?

I have a jug puppy and she's very playful and friendly. She almost 8 months old and I feel bad because she loves to play with other dogs and sometimes…

ASKED BY Jugs on 5/24/12
TAGGED jug, puppy, pug, jack, russel, terrier, months, old, playmate IN Other Puppies


We're idiots we bought 2 puppies taking the breeder advice?

We have 2 awesome 10 week old little puggle boys from the same litter their great but when we were having problems training them and googled…

ASKED BY Archer on 12/11/11
TAGGED littermates, puppies IN Behavior & Training

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I am looking for a PitBull or American Bulldog rescue in Georgia. Anyone have an organizations or websites?

I am planning on getting another Pit Bull or an American Bulldog. I have a Pit Bull mix at the moment and I have had an American Bulldog in the past…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/7/11
TAGGED pitbulls, bulldogs, rescues, websites, organizations, new, pet, playmate IN Shelters & Rescue

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Will our puppy have socialisation issues? Should we take her anyway?

Hi, my family and I are getting a golden retriever puppy. We have found a breeder with 6 week old puppies. 4 of the 5 puppies have already gone to…

ASKED BY Member 1050064 on 8/30/11
TAGGED puppy, age, socialize, socialization, socialise, socialisation, littermates IN Puppies

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