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Nonstop scratching and skin biting, tried everything with no answers so far?

Ginger has been scratching and biting her skin nonstop almost for the past few months. We've been to the vet 5+ times, and have even seen other…

ASKED BY Member 1243108 on 2/28/15
TAGGED health, skin, biting, scratching, no, answers, losing, hair IN Skin Problems

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My dog is losing his mind and hes putting him self at danger?

Ok so my dog is 10 years old and about a moumonth ago me and my family knoticed him being very clingy to everyone and not eating all his food and he…

ASKED BY Member 1239427 on 12/22/14
TAGGED elderdog, sick, danger, losinghismind, wonteat, wontsleep, losingweight IN Senior Pet

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Fostering to adopt my puppy help please?

I got a puppy from the shelter a week ago. I'm fostering him first as he was only three weeks when I brought him home. There was this little balding…

ASKED BY Member 1230788 on 8/1/14
TAGGED puppylosingfur IN Health & Wellness

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Someone asked if Dogster was closing?

Lori the community manager e-mailed me promptly stating, "Pawlease do what you can to squash this rumor." Therefore, Dogster is not closing it's…

ASKED BY Member 1110659 on 5/3/13
TAGGED dogster, closing, website IN The Dogster Website


Is Dogster closing?

I heard through the grape vine that Dogster may be closing? Has anyone else heard this or is it just a rumor?

ASKED BY Lexus on 4/25/13
TAGGED dogsterclosing IN The Dogster Website

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What does it mean when dogs wont eat. and throwing up green stuff mixed with a little blood?

I have a verry small rat terrier. my wife and I noticed a very fast weight loss. With in two days she turned to skin & bones. We tryed feeding her but…

ASKED BY Member 1157462 on 2/28/13
TAGGED lossofweight, throwingup, green, blood, not, eating, blockage, losing IN Health & Wellness

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Aussie ears!? will they go down or stay up?

my 5 month old red tri Aussies ears prick straight up. I was wondering if they would ever go down or if they are just going to stay up? the one…

ASKED BY Member 1124539 on 8/7/12
TAGGED aussie, puppy, prickedears, floppyears, teethlosing IN Australian Shepherd

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