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Animal Palace STUPIDLY shaved my 2 year old American Eskimo Toy. How long before her hair grows back?

I would never have voluntarily cut my American Eskimo Toy. I requested to cut 1" and they shaved my dog. Now, I am so worried how long it is going…

ASKED BY Member 1242132 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED shave, americaneskimotoy, eskie, hairgrowth, howlong IN Grooming

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What collar and harnesses for sensitive skin and odd body?

My dog (corgi-JRT i think) has very sensitive skin! he is practically bald under his armpits and every halter i've gotten him rubs. He is very oddly…

ASKED BY Member 1235684 on 10/14/14
TAGGED harness, collar, sensitive, skin, white, chafing, armpits, neck, barrelchested, long IN Skin Problems

Lily Anne Grace

I don't have a yard and am wondering if I could use a long line leash to let my dogs play outside?

I live an apartment with 3 small dogs and have access to a courtyard but it's not completely fenced and is next to a busy road. My dogs love to play…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 10/24/13
TAGGED longline, offleash, play, outside, dogs IN Exercise

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I have an 8 almost 9 month old male Chinese shar pei he has an amazing personality and temperment even the vet comments?

I will be home with them for about 3 months over the summer.

ASKED BY Member 1169794 on 5/18/13
TAGGED newpuppy, currentdog, gettingalong IN Adoption & Rescue

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I have a 3 yr old male, rescue shepherd/collie mix. We want to rescue a kitten. Will there be a problem with two males?

Male dog and Male kitten - any alpha male issues?

ASKED BY Member 1124013 on 8/4/12
TAGGED kitten, gettingalong, alphamale, dominance IN Other Behavior & Training


What is the best way to separate from your best dog friend when leaving overseas?

My daughter and her lab are best buddies. Soon she will graduate from college and go to graduate school overseas. Hercules will stay with me and she…

ASKED BY Hercules on 4/29/12
TAGGED separate, longtrips, leftbehind IN Behavior & Training

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