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Is my dog ok if she is leaking white fluid form her vagina, even if she is spayed?

Hi guys, i just have a little question if nay of you know the answer to; Me and my mom were watching tv while my dog Milan was sleeping on the other…

ASKED BY Member 1145535 on 12/16/12
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My dog is pooping more often and her stool is runny.…

My 3 yr old, 50 lb bulldog had pooped twice today and both times it was all liquid. I asked my mother, who usually is home to let her poop, if this…

ASKED BY Belladonna on 7/14/11
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Is there an easy way to give liquid medication?

I have to give one of my chis liquid benadryl (with cherry flavor -_-) everyday for her environmental allergies but she gets very skittish when she…

ASKED BY Lilly on 6/29/11
TAGGED medicine, medication, daily, allergy, seasonal, liquid IN Health & Wellness

Desmond CGC

Vomiting water repeatedly?

I've never seen Desmond do this before. He's vomiting randomly but frequently, but there is no solid food or bile in his vomit. It is just clear…

ASKED BY Desmond CGC on 4/11/10
TAGGED throw, throwing, up, water, liquid, many, times IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog is leaking read liquid and has lost his appetite ..…

-Male -Seven months -Miniature poodle It started 3 days ago ...He has been vomiting clear liquid and he has not eaten anything and he only…

ASKED BY Member 655182 on 7/14/08
TAGGED vomit, red, liquid, worms, lethargy IN Health & Wellness

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