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Any thoughts on why my dog is not eating?

Waffle is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. She is 10 months old and fully vaccinated. Lately, she has not been eating as usual. She normally eats a mix of…

ASKED BY Member 1188896 3 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED eating, problem, feeding, lethargic, eatfeed, meal IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Senior dog with loose stool and sore anus, lethargic,and not listening?

Recently, my Male 14 yr old Miniature American Eskimo has had a looooong episode of diarrhea (over a month). We have taken him to a vet twice…

ASKED BY Member 1188264 on 9/2/13
TAGGED diarrhea, lethargy, lethargic, senior, soreanus IN Health & Wellness

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Is my 2-year old Pointer Mix just tired or is something wrong?

We had a BBQ yesterday and some kids came over and were in the pool. Now, my dog LOVES the pool and usually goes in for an hour or so at least…

ASKED BY Member 1179087 on 7/8/13
TAGGED tired, lethargic, normal, pool, exercise, overexercise, help IN Exercise

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2 year old shih tzu had a erection which wouldnt go back in?

we put vaseline around the sheath and its gone back in but now he is lethargic and relutant to do anything. also it had clear fluid seeping from his…

ASKED BY Member 1142186 on 11/25/12
TAGGED penis, erection, swollen, lethargic IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog seems to have a hard time closing his mouth. His breath also smells bad and he has a runny nose?

My dog seems to be a bit lethargic lately. He has a runny nose, and seems to have a hard time when closing his mouth. When closing his mouth he…

ASKED BY Member 1134256 on 10/4/12
TAGGED mouth, lethargic, runnynose, breath IN Other Health & Wellness

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Our 3 yr old Schnauzer/Terrier [4lbs] is lethargic & barely drinking. Does anyone think clear chicken broth would help?

TOYA is the name of our little schnauzer/terrier mix. She spent a couple of hours outside in the bkyard yesterday evening (4-5:30pm, with fresh water…

ASKED BY Member 1129217 on 9/4/12
TAGGED chickenbroth, lethargic, schnauzerterriermix IN Health & Wellness

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Is my puppy acting normal? Is she sick?

I just picked up my seven week old puppy from the vet yesterday morning and ever since all she will eat is yogurt and we have to give her pedilyte…

ASKED BY Member 1121214 on 7/17/12
TAGGED puppy, tired, lethargic IN Health & Wellness

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