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4 months lab ,he slips too much on the floor and is parting his hind legs even his paws are not facing in the front…

i have seen a vet , he is giving him injections of caldipet and says that it is calcium deficiency.. i am giving him two tablets of calcium each day.

ASKED BY Member 1113474 on 5/31/12
TAGGED labrador, hindlegproblems, calciumdeficient IN Health & Wellness


My Shih tzu started to limp a lot just this morning... Any ideas why this is happening?

I'm very worried that my dog has a fracture or something really bad. So could someone pawlease tell me why he's limping so much... Any advice or ideas…

ASKED BY Shiloh on 5/13/09
TAGGED limp, shihtzu, fracture, legproblems IN Emergencies & First Aid