Marley Marilyn

How can I get my puppy to have a better understanding on potty training?

My 3 month old boxer has been doing good with her potty training, but just today, she has been going in the house, & no longer stands by the door when…

ASKED BY Marley Marilyn on 6/5/12
TAGGED potty, training, learning, boxer, puppy, tips IN Behavior & Training


Could my French Bulldog have ADD?

I rescued a 3 1/2 year old male French Bulldog named Xander five weeks ago. The foster told me that he is deaf. I don't think he's deaf but possibly…

ASKED BY Max on 6/5/12
TAGGED add, attentiondeficitdisorder, deaf, frenchbulldog, behavior, training, learn, train, attentionspan, attention, distracted, overstimulated, hearingimpaired, hearing, impaired, specialneeds IN Other Behavior & Training


What are some good doggy tricks?

My momie need to know what else to do wif me for tricks!! I love spending time wif her but we are running out of things to do!! I know sit, lie…

ASKED BY Mya on 4/24/12
TAGGED tricks, learn, how, do, i, teach, my, dog, tricks, woof, bark, howl, sit, laydown, stay, looseleash, shake IN Methods of Training

Guest Member Since

Can Shiba inus use electric fence? Have you ever used one for your shiba inu?

Currently my shiba is only two months old, but I have begun worrying where he will be when he gets older. We do not have a fence outside of our house…

ASKED BY Member 1039372 on 7/3/11
TAGGED electricfence, fence, puppy, yard, outside, shiba, inu, learn IN Shiba Inu


How do I teach my dog how to use the buster cube?

I apologize if this has been discussed before - I did do a search. I just got a new buster cube for our dog, to entertain her while I am gone. (I've…

ASKED BY Dill on 8/3/10
TAGGED bustercube, toys, learning IN Toys

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How smart is your breed? Would you like to see it ranked? Do you agree with it's status on the list?

the first article made me feel good, it said that it would be very difficult or impossible to train "pointers" to…

ASKED BY Member 901737 on 12/3/09
TAGGED intelligence, emotions, training, learning IN Breeds

Sir Douglas

Are Basset Hounds and/or Beagles known to be fast learners and easily trained?

I have a 6mo. old Basset Hound/Beagle mix and I'm shocked by how EASY it is to teach him obedience commands and tricks! I've only had him a month and…

ASKED BY Sir Douglas on 2/6/09
TAGGED basset, beagle, training, fast, learn IN Behavior & Training

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