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Gag Cough. i have a new puppy that is 5 months old and has this gag cough that last a quick second. Could be when drink?

My new puppy at 5 months old does this quick gag cough. The vet told me it is definately collapse trachea because when she pressed on his neck he did…

ASKED BY Member 1037513 on 8/13/14
TAGGED collapsetrachea IN Other Health & Wellness

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MERRICK GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD. I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix?

MERRICK GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD. I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix and have been feeding him purina his whole life. I knew this food was bad so i switched…

ASKED BY Member 1210376 on 1/19/14
TAGGED food, merrick, grainfree, lap, pit IN Food & Nutrition

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Help with my mini poodle. She was attacked in the rear end by our border collie/aussie shep mix?

The mini poodle's rear end keeps collapsing. Her rear legs cannot support her and they are very shaky and wobbly. We had her to the vet Fri which is…

ASKED BY Member 1196272 on 10/26/13
TAGGED backend, rearlegcollapse IN Other Health & Wellness


Collapsing trachea dental work and anesthetics need to be done. I'm nervous! Help?

Hi everyone! Minnie is 6 and needs a lot of dental care with possible extractions. She does however have a collapsing trachea. I am extremely…

ASKED BY Minnie on 8/19/13
TAGGED collapsing, trachea, surgery, dental, cleaning, extraction IN Health & Wellness

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Tracheal collapse, I have a Pom she may have dose have this issue what do I do to help her?

I have gone to a vet in AZ where we moved to a year ago. They have a thing called Valley Fever here and it's similar to a cold / cough that…

ASKED BY Member 1117341 on 6/24/12
TAGGED trachealcollapse IN Health & Wellness

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Need to get my 7 month old lab fixed...she weighs 40 lbs?

She collapsed while getting her third set of shots which included rabies...some kind of allergic reaction....luckily we were right at the vets when it…

ASKED BY Member 1113234 on 5/30/12
TAGGED labrador, fixed, collapsed IN Spaying & Neutering

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My dog will not quit growling and barking at my 28 ye old son. He even sits by the steps and waits for him to move so he?

My dog is a 2 yr old Lapsing apso whesrte rescued.

ASKED BY Member 1085245 on 1/17/12
TAGGED barking, lapsoapso IN Barking

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My 14 year old Siberian Husky can't seem to stand suddenly. His right eye is constantly rolling up and down, twitching?

His legs appears to be weak, more so the left side. He can hobble for a few steps, shaking, and then just collapses. Usually, he has no problem…

ASKED BY Member 1047290 on 8/21/11
TAGGED weakness, collapsing, eyejerking, headtilting IN Senior Pet

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