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Intermittent lameness hind legs and sudden loss of appetite. Been to several vets. They have no idea. Anyone?

My 12 year old Pekingese has had intermittent lameness in his hind legs for the last eight weeks. The episodes come and go in about two minutes. In…

ASKED BY Member 1021054 on 2/6/11
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Pikapooch (2/11/99-12/5/10)

Sudden lameness in hind legs?

Two weeks ago, my 11 yo German Shepherd/Chow Chow dog suddenly began limping. When she went for her morning walk, she fell on her bottom when going to…

ASKED BY Pikapooch (2/11/99-12/5/10) on 11/27/10
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My dog has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, he was limping and acting like his legs were lame, anyone had experience?

Rooney, who was adopted in March, has had a rough time. In April he slid coming down the stairs and started limping afterwards. Had the vet check at…

ASKED BY Rooney on 6/5/09
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