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7 month old lab is very submissive, can anyone help me help her be more confident?

My 7 month old lab is very submissive when it comes to meeting new people and dogs. I wouldn't say she's shy because when ever we are on walks she…

ASKED BY Member 1246822 on 5/18/15
TAGGED anxiety, puppy, socialization, friendly, lab, labretriever, happy IN Socialization

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Breathing issues, neck spasms and weight loss. What is wrong with my dog?

Wiley, is a 14 yr old JRT . We went to the vet for some tummy trouble 3 weeks ago. He had vomited one time and had a small amount of blood in his…

ASKED BY Member 1245189 on 4/14/15
TAGGED health, seizures, laboredbreathing, musclespasms IN Illness & Disease

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My lab has occasional diarrhea, vomiting, and a unusually dull/shedding coat. What could be causing this?

Hi! My black lab in three years old and I have had him since he was a puppy. Three weeks ago I noticed that his coat was shedding despite it being…

ASKED BY Member 1243097 on 2/28/15
TAGGED diarrhea, vomiting, dullcoat, shedding, lab IN Health & Wellness

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One year old Labrador turned a super aggressive one from the last 15 days, please suggest.. Asap?

Actually, I visited a vet for that but he says it could be because of sexual tendencies or because of something else. Please help. Coz it was a very…

ASKED BY Member 1242364 on 2/14/15
TAGGED labrador, aggression, mating, urgent IN Aggression

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Parvo puppy and older dogs?

Rescued a lab mix puppy on sunday. He's was diagnosed with Parvo on tues. My older dogs are vaccinated. We gave them an booster to be safe. How long…

ASKED BY Member 1242274 on 2/13/15
TAGGED parvo, puppy, lab, vaccination, older, dog, contagious IN Puppies

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My dog attacked me?

This is the first time hes done this in 6 years. I was sitting outside while he was lying down and petting him (hes not allowed inside) my brother…

ASKED BY Member 1241962 on 2/5/15
TAGGED labrador IN Behavior & Training

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Can I take my puppy out?

I rescued a 8 weeks old beagle lab mix. I got her today, up to date with her vaccination but she didn't got yet the rabies vac. Can I take her out…

ASKED BY Member 1241648 on 1/30/15
TAGGED beagle, lab, puppy IN Health & Safety

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3-4 year old lab mix whining a lot for what seems to be no reason?

Hi! I got my 3ish lab mix (Morris) from a shelter about 4 months ago. He was heartworm positive and just recently successfully finished…

ASKED BY Member 1241474 on 1/26/15
TAGGED whining, lab, shelter, training IN Behavior & Training

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