Abrams Tank SD

Besides Kongs what are some good chew toys for 2 9 1/2 month old lab mixes?

My husband's lab German shepherd mix and his sister who is staying with us while her elderly owner is away both love to chew on things. Bella more…

ASKED BY Abrams Tank SD on 11/7/12
TAGGED chewtoys, labmixes, kongtypetoys IN Pet Products

Guest Member Since

My mom doesn't buy things for our dog. (not sure?)?

Well we never got a collar tag for our dog until a few months ago ( my dog is almost 3). Everyone else also said that the furminator is a rip off…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED mom, buy, shop, shopping, store, pet, food, toys, treats, kong, ball, dog, fun, bored, puppy, cute, play, exercise IN Pet Products

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My dog does not like peanut butter, so what should I fill my dog's Kong with?

My dog is a meat lover, and he kind if likes carrots, too. But I tested to see if he liked these foods, but he didn't. Bananas Apples Peanut…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 7/5/12
TAGGED peanut, butter, bananas, apples, treats, milk, cheese, kong, dog, toy, treats, human, food, doesnt, like IN Treats


What would you "give" for petsitting?

Well a family friend is caring for my dog for a week and when I asked how much she would be comfortable with me paying her she said nothing but I feel…

ASKED BY Lola on 4/24/11
TAGGED dog, sitting, pet, chihuahua, wellness, acana, toys, kong IN Other Health & Wellness

Saydi Sue.


My dog, Saydi, Chews on EVERYTHING. She is loosing teeth so I understand why. I'm trying to get my parents to order a Kong for herr off of…

ASKED BY Saydi Sue. on 9/16/10
TAGGED kongs IN Pet Products

Lady Anne

What are some good ways to occupy a crated dog wearing an e-collar?

My lab Lady just had TPLO done and is on crate rest for 2 months. She has to wear the e-collar constantly for 10-14 days. So far she can't chew…

ASKED BY Lady Anne on 8/20/10
TAGGED crate, ecollar, kong, nylabone, tplo IN Crate Training

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My dog suddenly avoids walking on grass and wont poop outside. Why?

I rescued a 3 year golden retriever in Dec 2009 and worked with him through alot of fears. He has been crate trained and been going outside just…

ASKED BY Member 993260 on 6/19/10
TAGGED wontwalkongrass IN Behavior & Training


Do you think Kong Stuff'N treats are healthy for dogs?

I recently bought those long soft, Kong Stuff'N treats for my dogs Kongs. They have red meatish looking stuff on the inside. Is this healthy for them…

ASKED BY Buckeye on 4/14/10
TAGGED kong, stuffn, healthy IN Other Pet Products

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