Angie has a lump, what is it?

My Angie has a lump on her neck below her jaw line. She is small and the lump is about the size of a thumb. I took her to the vet and he diagnosed…

ASKED BY Angie on 8/26/13
TAGGED swollenneck, knotonneck, hardlumponneck, swollenlympthnode, cystonneck IN Illness & Disease

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Hi, I adopted/rescued a 2 year old Black Mouth Cur from apartment/cage living. I live on a farm with horses, cats and my?

I need to know how to get him to bark when someone comes in the driveway? I need to know haw to get him to not chance cats? I would like any ideas…

ASKED BY Member 1137381 on 10/24/12
TAGGED makebarknotchacecats IN Behavior & Training

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My chiwhawha has a large knot under her skin under her front right leg. She is feeding pups. What is this. Anyone know?

Her name is Sissy. She has a large knot under her right front leg and 3 or 4 very small knots under her left front leg. These knots only came up…

ASKED BY Member 1126280 on 8/18/12
TAGGED welping, dog, knot, milk, help, animal, female, puppies IN Answers

Sterling Archer

My Labrador/Chow mix is not eating and has diarrhea. What is wrong with him?

My 8 month old Lab/Chow mix has not been eating lately, and he has been a little lathargic. He has had massive diarrhea and has thrown up a few times…

ASKED BY Sterling Archer on 7/13/12
TAGGED labradorchowsicknoteatinglathargicblockagevomitdiarrheaproblem IN Illness & Disease

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There is a knot on my dog under a puncture wound. What could have caused it?

ASKED BY Member 1036909 on 6/10/11
TAGGED dog, knots IN Emergencies & First Aid


How can I get my puppy wear a topknot?

I have a 4-month old shihtzu/maltese. Whenever I try to tie his hair he would lie down on his back. Sometimes he would squirm or roll. I want him to…

ASKED BY Mickee on 5/19/09
TAGGED topknot, puppy IN Home Grooming

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I have a weimer reiner - 4months old & just noticed @ 3 crusty looking knots on his face. what could it be?

One knot is on the side of his nose & about the size of a dime - kinda looks like a huge wart

ASKED BY Member 759148 on 10/25/08
TAGGED knots, warts, sores IN Skin Problems

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