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We adopted a 3 year old chihuahua mix 3 days ago and he is showing aggression, can he be rehabilitated?

We adopted a dog 3 days ago and at the shelter he showed a reluctance to have his teeth checked but otherwiseashowed no aggression. He was a stray…

ASKED BY Member 1248838 on 7/2/15
TAGGED aggressive, kids, rescue, rehabilitaterehabilitatehelp IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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How to calm my dog when she gets fearful?

My dog is a 3-4 yr old mix German Shepard & Black Lab. She is super sweet and is really good with our children. We have a 13yr old, a 4 yr old…

ASKED BY Member 1244452 on 3/29/15
TAGGED scared, kids IN Dogs & Kids

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Should we add a second husky to our family?

Hello, We are new to the forum, and have a wonderful 9 month old male husky named Kai. He is simply an angel and we have no behavioral issues with…

ASKED BY Member 1240904 on 1/16/15
TAGGED husky, second, kids IN Choosing the Right Pet

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My dog wets on my grandkids toys?

When I come home from taking the young grand kids home my older dauchshund will have wet on a toy if I leave one out or wet in the area they have been…

ASKED BY Member 1229500 on 7/12/14
TAGGED dauchshund, urinate, kidstoys IN Behavior & Training

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How do we stop our dog from being food aggressive?

Our 7-year old black lab/golden retriever mix has always growled and snarled when people come near her and her food or bone. The problem is, our…

ASKED BY Member 1208566 on 1/30/14
TAGGED foodaggression, resourceguarding, kids, children, childrenanddogs, kidsanddogs, foodbowl, boneaggression, growling IN Behavior & Training

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American Akita with Children?

Hi everyone, My name is Robin, my girfriend and I were both looking to get a dog to add to our family which also consists of our 2 year old daughter…

ASKED BY Member 1209169 on 1/12/14
TAGGED akita, children, kids, behaviour IN Akita

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What should I do about my aggressive female boxer?

My 1 year old intact female boxer has been aggressive since she went into heat. I have seen similar questions but she doesn't have problems with other…

ASKED BY Member 1185001 on 8/10/13
TAGGED intactfemale, aggressive, aggressivetowardkids IN Aggression

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My 6 year old lab/German Shepard won't come near my 3 1/2 year old niece?

My dog always loved kids and adored my niece he always played with her and would always follow her around. But recently he will leave the room the…

ASKED BY Member 1158124 on 3/5/13
TAGGED kids IN Behavior & Training

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