Stella Mae

Adopted Doggy who I can't seem to contain in any form without high anxiety when I leave for work?

I just adopted Stella and she is a year and a half and is having high anxiety issues. When its nice out, I can easily leave her in the backyard and…

ASKED BY Stella Mae on 3/19/15
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Seperation Anxiety/Kennel Training?

HELP! I have the cutest 3.5 month old beagle puppy. He has severe seperation anxiety. When I leave the house he throws up,pees and poops everywhere…

ASKED BY Member 1123211 on 7/29/12
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My dog doesn't like her kennel anymore since we started potty training?

My dog used to love her kennel, but now that we've had to start house training her (she used to be an outdoor dog), she hates it. We've tried to…

ASKED BY Alibi on 7/11/12
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