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I have a staffy from the rspca, she nibbles/bites when people come and when we leave her she pulls and chews things?

My dog is 4 years old now she is a staffy cross with a labardor. when people visit she jumps and nibbles/bites them however it doesnt hurt only for…

ASKED BY Member 1152103 on 1/27/13
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Dogs juping on people when people come in side?

why does my dog jups and scrach on people when they come in the hose?

ASKED BY Member 862646 on 7/31/09
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Husky that doesnt get the point to not jump?

My siberian husky is a DEFINATE jumper she is pure and her parents were registerd jumping show dogs i belive but we need her to stop we have and 8…

ASKED BY Member 842483 on 6/2/09
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How can i make my dog not to be hyper/bark alot when company comes over?

Whenever i have company over my dog gets all excited and starts to jump around and jump on them. She will keep doing htis until like they stay for a…

ASKED BY Member 657155 on 7/17/08
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We just got a 1 year old Chihuahua, and he is totally dependent on me and no one else.…

So we got this 5.6 lb Chihuahua from the local animal shelter. He is a year old and was very sweet at the pound. But now that he's home, he only wants…

ASKED BY ♥Juneau♥ on 1/1/08
TAGGED chihuahua, snaps, nips, growls, possesive, jumpsup, furniture, toys, snarls, barksatstrangers, annoying IN Behavior & Training