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MY new 1yr old female german shepherd keeps trying to dominate my 13yr old female chocolate lab?

She jumps on her, bites her, and walks around her. How do i stop this?

ASKED BY Member 1248964 on 7/6/15
TAGGED dominance, aggression, stop, new, dog, biting, jumping IN Aggression

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My 3 year old German Shepherd/Blue Heeler across won't stop jumping up on people! Help?

We have tried to use positive reinforcement by ignoring her until she has settled down or put four on the floor, and we have tried saying "down…

ASKED BY Member 1248098 on 6/14/15
TAGGED behavior, training, jumping, help IN Behavior & Training

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How to teach my dog to jump over hurdles?

So I have a 3 year old shih tzu cross Jack russel. I used to jump her over hurdles when she was younger and she would jump big ones. Now she is too…

ASKED BY Member 1246433 on 5/9/15
TAGGED jumpingdogsagility IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my 7 month old aussie jumping up on me and biting me during walks?

ASKED BY Member 1239774 on 12/29/14
TAGGED australianshepherd, jumping, biting, bitingleash IN Behavior & Training

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1-year old Havanese gets very excited when visitors come over - charges at them, jumps, and nips. What can we do?

We have been trying to distract him with treats and commanding him to sit but it doesn't seem to be all that successful. Is there something else we…

ASKED BY Member 1238833 on 12/10/14
TAGGED jumping, nipping, visitors, excitable, puppy IN Jumping Up

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Should I give up my dog? I have 8 month old Labrador purebred. I love my dog DEXTER. But we have lots of behavior proble?

But we have lots of behavior problems. I met one dog trainer he recommends me to give up this dog to someone with large dog is too muc…

ASKED BY Member 1238410 on 12/3/14
TAGGED jumping, barking, hyperactive, overactive, roughplay IN Other Behavior & Training

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My 1yo Labrador jumps/runs when on walks. I had a short lead for her that was her size but she broke it.…

(& its replacements). So I've had to use an extendable lead for awhile to take her out while I try & spare cash to get a decent short lead(not much…

ASKED BY Member 1233889 on 9/12/14
TAGGED labrador, puppy, training, walking, pulling, jumping IN Behavior & Training

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