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My 1yo Labrador jumps/runs when on walks. I had a short lead for her that was her size but she broke it.…

(& its replacements). So I've had to use an extendable lead for awhile to take her out while I try & spare cash to get a decent short lead(not much…

ASKED BY Member 1233889 on 9/12/14
TAGGED labrador, puppy, training, walking, pulling, jumping IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my dog bite me?

My boyfriend's family just recently adopted Bubba, a beagle bulldog mix. He is a little over a year old and has been in 3 different homes. His first…

ASKED BY Member 1231594 on 8/10/14
TAGGED biting, jumping, tugging IN Aggression

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Australian shepherd training advice?

Hi there! We recently got ourselves a beautiful 11 week old Aussie. She has an amazing disposition and definitely has the potential to be a great…

ASKED BY Member 1224529 on 5/2/14
TAGGED australianshepherd, jumping, biting, nipping, cratetraining, pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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Dog jumps up and mouths at me - Don't know what to do.…

My b/f's dads dog is a Bernese mountain dog who always jumps up and mouths at me - They have said on occasion to just smack him but I don't feel…

ASKED BY Member 1214640 on 3/7/14
TAGGED jumping, mouthing, ignoringcommands IN Behavior & Training

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How do I get my 5 month old American Bulldog Puppy to calm down around my 1 year old son and family children? She jumps?

My five month old american bulldog is brutally hyper with guests - and worst of all brutally hyper with my 1 year old son. I feel I have to keep…

ASKED BY Member 1205966 on 12/26/13
TAGGED hyper, puppy, children, jump, lick, nip, energetic, reactive IN Puppies

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Why does my dog attack my husband and I if we are affectionate?

We have just adopted a two year old chihuahua mix last week and she's great, but very head strong. She's our only dog. She doesn't know any…

ASKED BY Member 1193732 on 10/9/13
TAGGED aggression, nipping, barking, jumping, affection, jealous IN Aggression


Can dogs learn bad manners from EACHOTHER?

Mama has a good friend with a miniature border collie. He is well, not the best trained to say the least and he has lots of bad habits. Never the…

ASKED BY Faith on 8/26/13
TAGGED jumpingup, barking, leashtraining, pulling, lunging, badmanners, playdates, habits IN Other Behavior & Training

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