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How can I get my jack russell terrier to stop peeing in the house?

I have two jack Russell's. Both are male. One is 14 and very dominate. The other, Tyson is 6 and my problem child. As of lately, he keeps peeing all…

ASKED BY Member 1246984 on 5/21/15
TAGGED jrtpeeingbehaviortraining IN Separation Anxiety

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Blue Heeler/Jack Russell Mix?

I've had a male blue heeler/jack russell mix for over a year now, I got him when he was 12 weeks old, had him house trained a month later. I don't…

ASKED BY Member 1224667 on 5/3/14
TAGGED blueheeler, jackrussellterrier, jackrussell, jrt, aggressive, aggression, training, behavior IN Aggression

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My 6 year old JRT has nystagmus, but that's the only symptoms. Could it be a tumor?

In Oct 2012, my dog was diagnosed with swollen lymph nodes which were treated with anti-biotics. However, part through the treatment, my dog had…

ASKED BY Member 1155240 on 2/14/13
TAGGED jrt, jackrussell, nystagmus, tumor IN Illness & Disease

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My two dogs GO NUTS in storms. WE have two jack russells, M/F 9 and 6. The female is ridiculously scarred in storms an?

WE have two jack russell, M/F 9 and 6. The female is ridiculously scarred in storms and now the male is starting to bark and carry on as…

ASKED BY Member 1141132 on 11/17/12
TAGGED storms, menace, help, jrt IN Behavior & Training

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My dog is almost 3 and my family never tries to fix my dogs behavior?

So my dog pulls during walks, barks at dogs and people in the house but is fine when they come in, barks at only dogs during walks, and nibbles…

ASKED BY Member 1119130 on 8/12/12
TAGGED dog, dogtraining, obedient, obedience, disobedient, treats, jack, russell, terrier, jrt, mom, brother, family, canine, train, trains, never, my, pet, training IN Behavior & Training


Teaching street smarts to a Jack Russell terrier?

Our JRT/Queensland Heeler mix, Tully,age one year, is a very bright little scamp-- but he is completely heedless about the street and traffic. He will…

ASKED BY Tully on 8/17/11
TAGGED streetsmartsjrt IN Behavior & Training

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Will it hurt my 9month old JRT to eat cat food?

ASKED BY Member 967153 on 9/28/10
TAGGED willithurtmymontholdjrttoeatcatfood IN Food & Nutrition

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The feces of my 12 wk old JRT was encased in mucus today. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this?

I have a 12 wk old Jack Russel Terrier, who has been very healthy so far. Today though he had a feces that was encased in mucus. It was very strange…

ASKED BY Member 821644 on 4/23/09
TAGGED jrtwithmucusencasingfeces IN Other Health & Wellness

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