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Extreme terrain dog fence training?

We did a DIY invisible fence installation, and I think my husband was a little generous in how much space he gave to our 6 year old shepherd cross…

ASKED BY Member 1171156 on 5/20/13
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Daisy Mae

My 4yo shih-tzu recently started getting nasty bites all all down her back, following the line of her spine?

I have meticulously inspected every inch of her with a magnifying glass & tweezers (much to her dismay) but have not been able to find a source of the…

ASKED BY Daisy Mae on 4/20/13
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What does it mean when a dog is acting like greeting someone that isnt there?

my 14 year old golden retriever was sleeping but got up suddenly and ran into the family room, (she does this squinty eye thing and guinne pig noise…

ASKED BY Member 901449 on 10/15/09
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Our Eng Spring Spainel goes down on all 4s and won't move when training with invisible fence. What can we do?

We are in day 2 of training with our 1 year old rescued English Springer Spaniel. When approaching the Inv. Fence Bailey stops, goes down on all fours…

ASKED BY Member 855104 on 7/15/09
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