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Reintroducing two dogs?

We rescued a stray approximately 1 year old female dog. After an easy introduction, she was great with my 7 year old female (spayed) and 8 year old…

ASKED BY Member 1247016 6 days, 9 hours ago
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Is my 15 year old dog's behavior appropriate with a new puppy?

Yesterday I just got an 8 week y/o queensland heeler pup & introduced her to my 15 year old mutt, midnight. midnight doesn't seem to hate her or lover…

ASKED BY Member 1178775 on 7/6/13
TAGGED puppy, olddog, introducing, whining, whimpering IN Puppies


Picking a puppy up while moving with a Male Shiba.Always temperamental at first but will love everyone.Any advice?

We know that walking them together at a distance then moving closer is always best but we are looking for ideas for in the car on the two hour ride…

ASKED BY Herk on 6/25/13
TAGGED shibainu, introducingpuppies IN Other Puppies

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I just got two baby rabbits. I need to introduce them to my terrier mix (2) and my lab mix (6 months), without any of th?

The rabbits are 2 months old, Holland Lops, both boys. They live in a large hutch outdoors. I want to take Harper outside, but she just stands by…

ASKED BY Member 1124639 on 9/16/12
TAGGED pet, introducing, introduction, rabbits, terriers IN Behavior & Training


Need a little advice on aggression between two of our dogs?

Hello! We are having some issues (maybe) with bringing two of our dogs together. Our Reilley (12yro female rott with cataracts) has been living…

ASKED BY Reilley on 6/6/12
TAGGED aggression, female, introducing IN Aggression

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Introducing a new little dog to an older dog in the house.…

I just added a little 3yr old Yorkie to my family. I already had a 5yr old hound mix and things seem to be going well except a few behaviors I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1095774 on 2/27/12
TAGGED introducingnewdog, aggressivebehavior, socializing IN Aggression

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