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Would you have a place for my 7 year old dog? She is a wonderful dog, spayed, current on all shots, housebroken & quiet?

loves rides in the car, but stays quiet during the day. She will bark if someone comes to the door, but oits ok with her if they come inside.She is…

ASKED BY Member 1158728 on 3/10/13
TAGGED gracie, quiet, insidedog, housebroken, scaredofthunder IN Adoption & Rescue

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Should I separate my dog from his friend in order to be inside?

I have a 4 year old st. bernard/german shepherd. I'm about to be moving to an apartment in a different state and I'm trying to decide if I should take…

ASKED BY Member 1157150 on 2/26/13
TAGGED moving, separationanxiety, insidedog, outsidedog IN Separation Anxiety

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I live in az and my 13 year old pit bull usually stays inside on her pillow now she wants to be outside?

She dug a hole , she never digs, and sits in it, she can barely get out of it. My border collie follows her and sits outside too. My yorkie poo has…

ASKED BY Member 1120524 on 7/13/12
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Zeebo is an indoor dog who has just begun to refuse to come in after a visit with opossum, What is wrong?

Zeebo, my 4yr old, black lab weiner dog, is a bundle of energy and a forever inside loving dog. An opossum came to visit 7 nights ago and Zeebo…

ASKED BY Member 941447 on 1/26/10
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How can I turn an outside dog back to an indoor one? Rescuing a 10 month old beagle who has been kept outdoors for last?

We will be trying to crate train him since the previous owners have not even tried to potty train him. Is this possible or are we getting in over our…

ASKED BY Member 821162 on 3/31/09
TAGGED beagle, outsidedog, insidedog, training, rescue, adoption IN Bringing Your Pet Home

Henry Bear Falcon

For Great Pyr owners.My newly (3yr old) adopted Pyr won't come in from the yard, how do I get him to come in?

i just adopted Henry (Great Pyr) who had lived in a one bedroom condo for most of his life, he now has a yard, and I cannot get him to come inside…

ASKED BY Henry Bear Falcon on 8/14/08
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Daisy~The Angel By My Side~

Please read and answer?

What are some posotive reasons for having an outside dog? What are some posotive reasons for having an inside dog. Please just posotive reasons, not…

ASKED BY Daisy~The Angel By My Side~ on 1/24/08
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