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Dog throwing up for last 5 days?

and not drinking water what can we do?

ASKED BY Member 1239925 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED throwingup, notdrinkingwater IN Health & Wellness


See pic of my pom, all fluffy? Now, she is 13, and almost bald. She is white w/pink skin showing. It breaks my heart. An?

She is still sweet and cuddly, but looks like a "waif", so sad. Still acts like a puppy, dancing around. Still haven;t found a food she likes, so…

ASKED BY Mollee on 9/15/14
TAGGED balding, hotspots, eating, drinkingwater, needprayer IN Skin Problems


My dogs black nose has started turning pink, is there something wrong?

My dog is an Alaskan malamute and over the last week the tip of his nose has started turning pink. I know of winter nose but were in the middle of…

ASKED BY Titan on 8/19/13
TAGGED pink, nose, colour, changing, worried IN Other Health & Wellness

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My white akita has a sore crusty nose. He wont let me put cream on. is there anything else to use?

My white akita is 2yrs old and his nose (pink) got sore in snow and srarted cracking and bleeding. He keeps rubbing it and its now scabby and…

ASKED BY Member 1167019 on 4/25/13
TAGGED akita, scabbynose, pinknose, chappednose IN Illness & Disease

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My dog has had a pink wart-like thing on her eyebrow above her left eye?

It has been slowly growing, and is very prominent now. When we touch it even just a light touch, she whimpers. Should i be worried? She is a 10…

ASKED BY Member 1157792 on 3/3/13
TAGGED wart, pain, pinkbump IN Health & Wellness

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