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Is there anyone anywhere near the St. Louis area that owns a basenji? I have been wanting to get one for the past 3yrs?

I absolutely love basenjis but I have never seen one in person and although I have done a ton of research on them I want to be 100% positive that they…

ASKED BY Member 1193874 on 10/10/13
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I have a dog rescue in south eastern illinois. What is the best way to find transport for 8 dogs to Boulder Colorado?

I am in need of transport for 8 dogs of different breeds from SE Illinois to a Boulder Colorado Rescue. Can anyone help? Thank you so much, Carol…

ASKED BY Member 823870 on 4/7/09
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Does anyone know what dog parks are good to go to in the Aurora, Illinois area?

I just moved to Aurora, Illinois in December of last year. I've looked up some of the different dog parks in the area, but I'm not really sure which…

ASKED BY Tj on 8/13/08
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