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My Dog Shadow Ran Away Today if you live in Black Mountain NC and you have seen a black dog about three feet please cont?

My Dog Shadow Ran Away Today If You Live In Black Mountain NC and you have see a black dog thats about three feet tall please contact me by my…

ASKED BY Sampson The Protecter on 4/11/15
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So my dog had a pimple and went away. Then last week I noticed he had 2 pink balls on his lip. I went away on vacation and when came back they are…

ASKED BY Lucky on 4/8/15
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3month constipated had white gel in his stool having a feeding and watering with the syringe very lethargic?

Beengiving him in the mud and applesauce and Pedialyte For his constipation is there anything else I should do? he has an appointment tomorrow at…

ASKED BY Member 1244244 on 3/25/15
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Does my dog need to see a vet?

My chihuahua ate some cooked Canada Wild Goose and started throwing up the next day. He couldn't walk at all for 2 days like he's been paralized…

ASKED BY Member 1241341 on 1/23/15
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Pitbull 2 1/2 yrs old. losing muscle mass in his chest, having trouble breathing - chest xrays ok - ANY suggestions?

2 1/2 yr old male pit - loosing muscle mass in neck and upper chest in last week. Very lethargic, some trouble standing but has good appetite and is…

ASKED BY Member 1239351 on 12/20/14
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I want to help my puppy live but i don't have money to do blood work. what should i do?

my pet ate some of my liquid Advil and was throwing the day of and acting out of the ordinary. the next day he was starting to act normal again by…

ASKED BY Member 1238728 on 12/8/14
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