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5 yr old Pomeranian puppy mill rescue, need help with house breaking?

I have a 5 yr old puppy mill rescue Pomeranian, I'm having an extremely difficult time house breaking her. I have tried everything. But she just…

ASKED BY Member 1212717 on 2/23/14
TAGGED housebreaking, puppymillrescue, adultpomeranian IN Pomeranian


Hi I am looking for a sheltie pup or a cocker pup to train as my next future service dog and to be a sister to Grace?

My name is Becky and I live i live in O.C. I trained Grace well,I made an error on my 1st post. Grace has been in service for 6 years is a licenced…

ASKED BY Grace on 11/21/13
TAGGED servicedogpupneededgreatly, willloveforever IN Other Puppies

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Is there anyone anywhere near the St. Louis area that owns a basenji? I have been wanting to get one for the past 3yrs?

I absolutely love basenjis but I have never seen one in person and although I have done a ton of research on them I want to be 100% positive that they…

ASKED BY Member 1193874 on 10/10/13
TAGGED basenji, puppies, puppy, stlouis, illinois, missouri IN Adoption & Rescue

Lilly Walker

Do you think my little 7 year old Bichon Frise looks overweight ? that is a video of her playing and rolling in the yard. please let me know i'm very concerned !

ASKED BY Lilly Walker on 9/21/13
TAGGED lilly, bichon, bichonfrise, overweight, weight, help, health IN Health & Wellness

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Dog won't eat pill: is not eating, vomits pill back up if she is forced to swallow it?

My dog is a 7 year old toy poodle who started violently throwing up and having diarrhea last night (about 17 hours ago). Her vomit is clear and has no…

ASKED BY Member 1182466 on 7/26/13
TAGGED pills, vomit, diarrhea, poodle IN Medications

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If dogs in their fenced area kill a stray dog are there legal ramifications for the owner of the fenced dogs?

Happened in Colorado. Stray got through the fence in the middle of private property. Stray dog had internal injuries only which resulted in death.

ASKED BY Member 1172107 on 5/26/13
TAGGED stray, tresspass, kill, liability, colorado IN Animal Control

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Small papillon puppy measurements?

I am getting a small papillon puppy soon, she should be around 3kg when grown like her mum. I want to start toilet training her as soon as I get…

ASKED BY Member 1165359 on 4/16/13
TAGGED clothes, size, papillon, chihuahua, puppy, jumper, coat, growth IN Other Puppies

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