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Husky puppy, first time dog owner?

hey everyone, I've never owned a dog (but live with a cat) I've wanted a husky for a long time and done a lot of research on the breed and I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1218154 3 weeks ago
TAGGED husky, puppy, training, travel, questions IN Other Behavior & Training


HELP! my one year old dog not eating her dog food?

Hello One year old siberian husky female is not eating dog food. She will only eat fresh cooked meat such as chicken, beef, pork etc... I have…

ASKED BY Happy on 1/9/14
TAGGED siberianhusky, food, oneyearsold IN Food & Nutrition

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My dog limps and see nothing in his paw. Also has hard time standing up and going up/down steps. What's wrong?

Do not have monetary means to see a vet at this time. Can you help me?

ASKED BY Member 1189430 on 9/11/13
TAGGED bordercolliehusky, limps, hardtimestanding, updownsteps IN Health & Wellness

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My boxer pup has an arch nemesis. I've tried addressing the problem and working w/ the other owner but to no avail. HELP?

My 14 month old male boxer is well socialized, exercised, fairly obedient, and pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time, but he hates this one…

ASKED BY Member 1189376 on 9/10/13
TAGGED aggression, boxer, husky, dogpark IN Behavior & Training

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I have a beagle siberian husky puppy just wondering if any other dog owners have one and how big they get and what do th?

and what do they look like as puppies and as they get older

ASKED BY Member 1188796 on 9/8/13
TAGGED beaglesiberianhusky IN Mixed Breeds


Had Nico to the vet today, his weight is 26lbs and he's 17wks old, vet said he's a bit lean?

Now I'm worried he's too skinny. And also he' always has the runs or soft stools. He's on bakers puppy food but should I try something else?

ASKED BY Nico on 8/2/13
TAGGED husky, weight, food, skinny IN Siberian Husky

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Would a Corgi get along with my Siberian Husky?

I own a 2 year old Female Husky. She is very mild tempered, she gets along very well with children and adults. She is a large dog, she also has had…

ASKED BY Member 1183559 on 8/1/13
TAGGED corgi, misty, siberianhusky, husky, puppy, breeds IN Breeds

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