Hungry Dog?

Hungry Dog? (Mom helped me write cus my spelling is real bad!) My Golden Retriever pup is 8 months old, he gets fed the suggested amount of…

ASKED BY Koljander on 7/23/14
TAGGED hungry, stealingfood, puppy IN Food & Nutrition


If a dog on Prednisone is still hungry, can you feed him a little more?

Buckeye, my 5 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, gets 2 cups of Instinct Chicken meal formula (dry kibble) every day. One cup in the morning, one…

ASKED BY Buckeye on 1/15/11
TAGGED food, allergies, hungry, prednisone IN Pet Food

Sandy Bear

I'm ALWAYS hungry! Do I have a health problem?

I am always pawing at the food bucket at least an hour before dinner time, but my people never give me food until it's time, so I am not spoiled! I am…

ASKED BY Sandy Bear on 10/5/10
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HELP! has barely eaten yesterday and now this morning?

My baby Rocky is about 12 weeks and a Parvo survivor. I've had him since Nov 27th. I always feed him about 2-3 times a day and give him a cup each…

ASKED BY Rocky on 12/22/09
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Guest Member Since

What can i do to get my dog to eat?

i just got a new dog, hes 1 1/2 years. i gave him pedagree mixed with soft pedagree. and he still not eating how can i get him to eat without being…

ASKED BY Member 852375 on 7/6/09
TAGGED food, failuretoeat, softfood, hardfood, hungry IN Food & Nutrition

CrystalWater's Petey ( Petey )

M 6 yr old Yorkie( adopted 3 mths)eats like a tornado & drinks water like he's dieing of thirst, vomiting often after.…

My little guy seems to be starving all the time and he eats his dinner so fast everynite, he sometimes eats so fast he vomits and then tries to eat…

ASKED BY CrystalWater's Petey ( Petey ) on 4/2/09
TAGGED hungry, thirsty, vomits IN Diabetes

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