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My 3 month old puppy all of sudden doesn't like to be held on his back. He used to be completely fine with it.…

...but the last few times I picked him up and held him on his back he has squirmed, squealed and yelped until I put him down. When I put him down…

ASKED BY Member 1155314 on 2/14/13
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My pup hates being held, picked-up, being groomed?

I've had my 6 mos. old Yorkie-Poo since he was 6 wks. old. All along, he's freaked out over being picked-up, held, groomed, restrained. He fights…

ASKED BY Member 1062458 on 11/29/11
TAGGED fear, anxiety, handling, restraint, panic, puppy, yorkie, poodle, grooming, holding IN Home Grooming

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Our dog will not go to the bathroom away from home; what can we do to help her?

We got 2.5 yr. old Grace a week ago from a rescue organization. She was not neglected nor abused but given up due to a job change. She was doggie…

ASKED BY Member 868156 on 8/16/09
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