Calling Owners of Active Dogs! (Agility, Treiiball, Frisbee, Hiking, etc.)?

What brand of dog food do you feed your ADULT, ACTIVE dog? Looking for good quality that will supple enough Protein/Fat/Carbs, etc for our dog…

ASKED BY Beasley on 7/13/15
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Does anyone know of a good breed of dog that's small, hypoallergenic and love's hiking?

Hoping to adopt a dog this spring but my family set ground rules and I really need your help! This is a shout out for all those dog experts out there…

ASKED BY Member 1153611 on 2/4/13
TAGGED breeds, dogs, adoption, help, hypoallergenic, hiking, ideas, thanks IN Breeds

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What medium sized breeds are better hiking companions that can also stand to be crated during the work day?

Looking for breeds that can be trained to stay on the trail and resist instincts to chase wildlife, be friendly towards strangers on the trail, have…

ASKED BY Member 1079107 on 12/22/11
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My 11 month old male just recently started hiking his leg on my 11 year old female?

Gus, a bouvier, was rescued from a bad environment at 6 months old he's 11 months old now. I already had an 11 year old female Bouvier and a 6 year…

ASKED BY Member 1070038 on 11/11/11
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Can Great Danes go hiking?

I am looking forward to (probably) adopting a Great Dane from rescue later this year. I was wondering if this breed will be able to go with my…

ASKED BY Member 979232 on 4/8/10
TAGGED hiking, largebreeds, greatdanes, leashtraining IN Behavior & Training


Where are good dog friendly camping spots in Northern California?

We love camping. Hiking too. But so many public parks in the Bay Area and Northern California restrict dogs, even on leash. What are your favorite…

ASKED BY Moxie on 9/14/09
TAGGED camping, hiking, northerncalifornia, california IN Travel & Recreation

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Tick prevention while hiking. The medications, they do nathing?

On our last camping trip,our pooch picked up 27 ticks in four days, plus another 4 I found in the tent and my sleeping bag. This was despite…

ASKED BY Member 706825 on 7/6/09
TAGGED hiking, ticks, tick, shaving, hair, haircut, spaniel IN Flea & Tick Prevention

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